Standard Dance Floor Cleaning Kit with ProClean NS


STANDARD KIT with ProClean NS $125

Original Price $155 – Save $30!

Includes all items you need to keep your floor clean and long-lasting.


ProClean NS (1 gallon) $50.00

Super-concentrated industrial-strength floor detergent/degreaser with slip-resistance that will not harm your floor or floor finish.


2 Wipeout Plus Bottles $50.00

Removes dye and scuff marks. Its formula penetrates, loosens, breaks down and dissolves many unwanted stains from all vinyl and non-porous surfaces.


SimplyGone (1 gallon) $65.00

Safely removes the following stains: food, beverages, grease, oil, most shoe polish, heavy grime, and scuff marks.


WINTER NOTIFICATION Slip NoMorTM, ProCleanTM NS and SimplyGoneTM products shipping between December 15th to March 15th, or whenever freezing weather is forecast, require a $5 surcharge for an added heat pack. Plus third day shipping cost if necessary.