Permanent Hardwood Flooring

Dance – Theatre – Multi-Purpose. Custom-made permanent flooring system with pre-fabricated floating subfloor for easy installation. Ideal for ballet, tap, jazz, modern, multi-purpose and theatre.

Almost all options of vinyl and wood dance floor systems can be permanent. There are five methods of installation. The permanent methods involve using the right kind of adhesive. Stagestep carries two types of adhesives. Check with a salesperson to see which one is right for your floor. Adhesives should be installed by an experienced professional.

A permanent dance floor has two advantages. First, it is good for the life of the floor. Second, permanent installations are less affected by temperature and humidity changes in the room. Lots of windows and sunlight in the room, a permanent install prevents the floor from buckling.

eco friendly

At a Glance

• Superior energy absorption and resilience
• Custom made to your specifications
• Great sound for tap
• Up to 20 year life expectancy

“We’ve bought a lot of flooring over the years… Why Stagestep™? That’s easy. Their personal attention is unfounded in the industry.”


David Sukonick
Bolo Productions


Should be professionally installed. Contact Stagestep™ (800.523.0960 or 215.636.9000) for details.


Dry mop daily. Wet mop with ProClean or ProClean NS. Lifetime guarantee when installed by certified Stagestep™ Installer and maintained with Stagestep™ products on a weekly basis.
Warnings: Do not use alcohol, ammonia, acetone, bleach, or solvents to clean surface. Consult with Stagestep™ prior to using any product not recommended. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause reduced life expectancy due to UV radiation. Change in temperature and humidity can negatively affect installation and non-slip characteristics.


Installation guide

maintenance guide