Quietstep Flooring

The performance floor for ballet can also be used for contemporary and jazz. Foam backed to reduce the sound of the shoes. Quietstep needs to be installed over a floating wood subfloor.

At a Glance

Ideal for ballet
Easy install
Solvent Free
Great lie-flat
Sanitized with antibacterial and fungicide treatment


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Product can be installed directly on a floating wood subfloor, stage or hardwood surface—temporarily, semi-permanently, or permanently—using top tape, Double-Faced Tape, 4″ Installation Tape, adhesive, or ReUseIt.


The ideal subfloor for Rave is Springstep lV, Stagestep™’s floating wood subfloor. Installation on concrete (or other rock-hard slabs) will not reduce shock. Installation on carpet can result in the floor “wrinkling” when working on it. Consult with Stagestep™ for the best results.


Sweep daily to remove coarse dirt. Clean weekly, using ProClean, a neutral detergent/degreaser that does not leave a residue. Stagestep™ offers a choice of non-slip products and FloorCare systems. For surface protection, we offer FloorShield II Finish.

Warnings: Do not use alcohol, ammonia, acetone, bleach, or solvents to clean surface. Consult with Stagestep™ prior to using any product not recommended. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause reduced life expectancy due to UV radiation. Change in temperature and humidity can negatively affect installation and non-slip characteristics.


Installation guide

maintenance guide