Your Home Dance Studio Flooring System

A professional-quality home dance studio flooring system offers freedom to practice your passion. Stagestep™ provides custom sized dance floors for home studios at competitive prices. Our floor systems transform any room into a dedicated space to perfect pirouettes or ball changes.

With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, Stagestep™ understands dancers’ needs. Our expertise and easy instructions remove the guesswork from home dance floor installation. We offer advice and partnership at every stage of the process. We’ll help you as you select your flooring all the way through to delivery, including a quote that incorporates delivery prices before you place a final order. With a practice dance floor at home, you’ll have a greater opportunity to improve your dance skills.

Marley Practice Dance Floors for Home Studios

Stagestep™ offers dance floors for theaters, schools, touring events and individuals seeking to outfit their home with a dedicated dance space. Our Marley flooring, which is a roll-out, vinyl dance floor, has a well-earned reputation for durability and stability. You can confidently perform on these floors without compromising safety.

A Marley dance floor for your home studio will work for any style of dance, including:

  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Contemporary
  • Hip Hop
  • Ballroom
  • Lyrical
  • Irish step

Dance Floor Mats

Timestep Mat (8′ x 6.56′)

Woodstep Plus Mat (4′ x 6.56′)

Woodstep Plus Mat (8′ x 6.56′)

Dancestep Plus Mat Black (4′ x 6.56′)

Dancestep Plus Mat Black (8′ x 6.56′)

Tap Supplies

Tap in a Tube (4′ x 6.56)

Home Practice Tap Board

Dance Boards

Turning Board

Ballet Board

Encore Home Studio Flooring

Our Encore Home option is made up of hardwood panels that click and lock and are great for modern, tap, jazz and ballroom use. Available in oak and maple, these panels have an integrated floating floor and factory finish. They can be installed over any type of firm level surface, and you’ll find that they’re easily assembled and disassembled for transporting and storage.

Finishes available:



Floor Dimensions:   8′ x 4′ 8′ x 8′  8′ x 12′
(2.42 lm x 1.2 lm) (2.42 lm x 2.4  lm) (2.42 lm x 3.6 lm)
Weight:   59 lbs. 119 lbs 178 lbs
(27 kgs) (54 kgs) (81 kgs)
Price: USD $600 $1,150  $1,650


Floor Dimensions:   8′ x 4′ 8′ x 8′  8′ x 12′
(2.42 lm x 1.3 lm) (2.42 lm x 2.4  lm) (2.2 lm x 3.6 lm)
Weight:   59 lbs. 119 lbs 178 lbs
(27 kgs) (54 kgs) (81 kgs)
Price: USD $700 $1,350  $1,950

Advantages of Stagestep Flooring

When you choose Stagestep™, you receive high-quality flooring from an industry-known leader. Our competitive prices and unmatched value allow dancers to feel confident in their choice. We offer financing and installation options. You can choose to work with our preferred installer or take the project on yourself, following our installation guide and phone support for your project. Stagestep™ is proud to offer:

  • One year wear and material defect guarantees
  • Multi-purpose surfaces that work with all dance types
  • Style-specific surfaces
  • Easy installation
  • Most orders ship within 48 hours
  • Quality flooring systems that can last up to 15 years

Get Your New Home Studio Flooring From Stagestep

The sooner you place your order, the sooner you can begin logging extra practice time and dancing to your heart’s content on a quality floor system.

We can outfit your home studio safely and reliably, delivering the products you need in a timely manner. Most orders ship within 48 hours. Stagestep™ is your one-stop-shop for all your dance floor system needs.

Contact us today to start your order or get a free quote on your dream dance floor.