How to Buy a Dance Floor

Stagestep has been providing portable and permanent flooring for studio, stage and touring for over 50 years.

Where do I begin?

Most people have little experience in determining what kind of flooring system is best for what you want to do. We at Stagestep™ are here to help.

To get you started, we’ve provided questions and a list to prioritize your purchasing considerations. By answering these questions and listing your priorities, you are well on your way to selecting the best flooring system for you.

At a Glance

• Define how your space will be used
• Clarify purchasing considerations
• List your needs
• Describe your space

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Consider The Circumstances

1. Do you own or rent the space?
2. Is this new construction or a renovation?
3. Will this be long-term or short-term use?
4. Do you want your floor to be portable, permanent or semi-permanent?

Define the Space

  1. What kind of floor or slab is currently in the space?
  2. What is the slab/floor’s current composition?
  3. Where is the space (basement, first floor home, commercial space, theatre)?
  4. What is the length and width of the space (in feet or meters)?
  5. Are there any unusual structures in the space – columns, doors, jog in / outs, radiators, steps, windows, equipment?
  6. What is the ceiling height?

Flooring Use

  1. What activities will take place on the floor?
  2. Is the space under supervision while in use?
  3. Will the space be occasionally used for other activities such as receptions?
  4. Will equipment be used or placed on the floor?

Other Factors To Consider

  1. Does the flooring system have a means of reducing vibration after impact?
  2. Can the system be modified easily for special conditions (multi-purpose / heavy equipment)?
  3. Is the surface consistent?
  4. How do I repair damaged areas without replacing the whole floor?
  5. What type of maintenance is required?
  6. Can I take the floor or flooring system with me if I move?

Purchasing Considerations

Availability of Product
Company Expertise

Maintenance Program
Product Support
Appropriate Surface & Subfloor for Use
Wear Characteristic

Non-Slip Characteristic
Energy Absorption