ReUseIt System Subfloor Adhesive


New, improved adhesive formulation. Better subfloor bonding and releasability.

The ReUseIt system gives you all the benefits of a permanent installation with the ease of a semi-permanent installation without the use of top tape or the hassle of resetting your floor every two years. When you need to remove the floor you simply peel it up and take it away.

You can install it yourself! Just follow the easy directions that come with each roll.

10% Off when ordered with vinyl rollout flooring or Springstep sub-floors.

Call 215-636-9000 or 800-523-0960 to speak with a Stagestep sales representative.

The ReUseIt system is a double-faced tape that comes in a roll 3.25′ wide. When using the ReUseIt system, you will cover your entire space with ReUseIt and lay your vinyl rollout flooring over it in a perpendicular configuration. Because of the total coverage of your floor, the ReUseIt system creates an adhesion which holds the flooring so that the rolls can be laid seam to seam without the need for top tape or resetting your floors every 2 years as you must do with double-faced tape.

Used ReUseIt is removed from the sub-floor and thrown away leaving your subfloor in good shape to reuse with your old flooring or new flooring.

Purchase in Full rolls only 3.25′ x 82.5′ = 268 sq. ft. (1 lm x 25 lm) $180

For use with Stagestep Springstep IV system. (Other subfloor systems have not been tested.)

Not for use with Timestep T.

Installation Instructions

Caution: Exposure to extreme or variable heat conditions can cause failure.

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