In the world of tap dancing, where precision and sound are paramount, the right tap board can make all the difference. We’re excited to share that we’re taking the next step in enhancing your tap dance experience with the upcoming release of our redesigned tap board. Get ready for a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and improved performance that will elevate your dance sessions to new heights.

The Previous Tap Dance Board:

Our previous tap dance board has been a favorite among dancers, offering great sound quality in the comfort of your home. With a 5/8″ thick Wood/Timestep laminated tap surface and a 3/4″ high-density foam shock layer, it provides the perfect balance of resonance and shock absorption. The computer-manufactured board features beveled edges and a built-in handle, making it convenient to transport and store. Its lightweight design ensures it can be taken anywhere, fitting seamlessly into closets, under beds, and even in the trunk of your car for on-the-go practice.

The Next Generation Tap Board:

Now, get ready to meet the enhanced version of our tap board, set to redefine your tapping experience. We’ve listened to your feedback and made exciting changes to bring you a board that not only sounds incredible but looks stunning too.  Available in both small and large sizes.

New Aesthetics with Vibrant Colors:

The upcoming board will be available in four new eye-catching colors – marbleized grey,cinabre red, santorini blue, clover and orchid. Dance with flair as you express yourself through the vibrant hues that add a touch of personality to your practice space.

Increased Tapping Space:

Say goodbye to limitations! We’ve removed the cutout handle to provide more room for your taps. Now, you can unleash your full range of movements without any restrictions, allowing for a more dynamic and expressive dance experience.

Redesigned Handle for Improved Durability:

Experience enhanced durability with the new handle design. Unlike the previous built-in handle, the upgraded version features a handle screwed on from the back, ensuring a secure grip and more space to dance on. Dance with confidence, knowing your tap board is built to withstand your every move.

Extra Foam for Enhanced Comfort:

We understand the importance of comfort during your dance sessions. That’s why the back of the board now features more high-density foam, providing increased shock absorption and a comfortable surface for extended practice sessions.

As we unveil the next evolution of our tap dance board, we’re excited to continue being part of your dance journey. With vibrant colors, increased tapping space, a redesigned handle, and enhanced comfort, our upgraded board is designed to inspire and empower dancers of all levels. Elevate your tap dancing experience – get ready to tap into a new era of sound and style!