Super Timestep Pre-Cut


  • Flexible, multi-purpose fiberglass lined reinforced Marley floor.
  • Recommended for Pointe, Ballet, jazz and Contemporary.
  • Can be used for Tap and Percussive dance.
  • Textured surface, very non-slip.
  • Size: 6’.56” x 10′, 15′ or 20′
  • Color: Solid Grey or Solid Black

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  • Does not include tape for installation.
  • With the exception of damage due to shipping, all Pre-Cut sales are final and no returns will be accepted.
  • Dye lots may not match when ordering multiple rolls.
  • *Pre-cut rolls are longer than stated length. Be prepared to use a matte knife to cut the last 2-3” of roll which is attached to the tube with adhesive. Do not make any cuts without first measuring the full length of the roll. Always use a matte knife and straight-edge for any trimming.
  • Store vertically. Keep the core to wrap the floor.
  • Should not be installed or used directly over carpet.
  • Additional full-sized flooring is available. To order larger quantities, please contact our Sales Department: 800.523.0960.
  • Free Shipping in the 48 Contiguous States for online orders!
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