ProClean D No-Rinse Dance Studio Disinfectant


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Effective against Covid 19

ProCleanTM D No-Rinse is a one-step “hospital strength” disinfectant and cleaner that is effective against a broad-spectrum of bacteria and viruses, including Covid 19, and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. For use in studios, schools, and homes, ProCleanTM D No-Rinse is suitable for disinfecting non-porous (water-resistant), hard, washable surfaces and objects such as floors and walls and can be used on ballet barres and door handles. Although this product cleans quickly and removes dirt, grime, food residue, and body oils, for optimal results as a disinfectant, use on a cleaned surface.

ProClean™ D No-Rinse is new technology and the first disinfectant cleaner which does not require rinsing in between applications, saving considerable time for situations where studios must be disinfected in between classes.  Easy to use, a properly diluted solution (2 oz of solution to 1 gallon of water) must be applied and remain on surface for 10 minutes, otherwise known as the dwell/contact/wet time. The floor may then either be left to air-dry or be dried with a towel or clean, dry mop. ProClean™ D No-Rinse is a concentrate: One gallon makes up to 60 gallons of disinfectant.

ProCleanTM D No-Rinse (EPA REG. NO. 10324-154-94327) meets EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19.

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