Marley Dance Floors & Hardwood Flooring

Stagestep™ features a full line of specialty dance flooring in wood and vinyl. We also offer portable and permanent floating wood subfloors along with installation and maintenance products for dance and theater. We guarantee you’ll get the best price on our dance flooring products. If you find a better price, show us in writing, and we’ll beat it. Guaranteed.

Shop Marley Vinyl Dance Floors With Stagestep™

Stagestep™ offers a number of different vinal dance flooring options. Whatever your unique needs might be, we have flooring for you — from a private dance studio to a college auditorium stage anticipating a variety of performances.

Our vinyl dance flooring is built from the highest quality materials and our products are long-lasting. We stand behind a one-year guarantee on all of our products. They resist wear and will look great for a long time.

Stagestep™ has more than 45 years in this industry. We understand that every one of our customers is a little different and we want to help match you with the right product. We offer advice and recommendations for choosing the right flooring and installing it. While we do not install our flooring, this allows our customers to pursue the best option for them. You can install it yourself and save money or hire a professional installer.

Stagestep™does not use a middleman. We manufacture all of our flooring ourselves and pass the savings on to our customers

Roll-Out Marley Vinyl

Stagestep™ Roll-Out Marley Flooring Collections are designed for every kind of dance activity: ballet, modern, tap, folk, hip-hop and ballroom. Not every floor surface is perfectly suited to all dance forms. So, the first question you’ll need to answer for yourself is, what kind of dance will be performed, practiced or taught on your dance floor?

Our materials let us develop a number of different flooring options for our customers, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your unique needs:

Timestep Dance Floors: Our ultimate multipurpose floor. They are heavy-duty, so they can withstand a variety of different uses. This flooring can be permanently installed as dance studio flooring or remain portable to be taken on the road or used in a rented space. Our Timestep Collection is the most versatile dance flooring and it is well-suited for tap both in terms of durability and acoustics.
Bravo Dance Floors: Made to be transported or stored. This vinyl dance floor’s portable quality and reversible use make this floor helpful for a variety of purposes. Our Bravo Collection is great for ballet and modern dance while still economical and easy to install and maintain.
Dancestep Dance Floors: Portable Marley floor and suitable for every type of dance, except for tap dancing. It’s cushioned, meaning that it will absorb most of the sound. Let your audiences focus on the dance instead of the extra noise. Dancestep Plus can be laid directly on a concrete floor without the use of a sprung or floating subfloor.
Rave Dance Floors: Available as a permanent or portable Marley floor. Use it for a variety of dances, except tap dancing, as well as theatrical productions. This variety has a number of color options to choose from.
Quietstep Dance Floors: Meant for ballet, contemporary and jazz dance. With multiple layers and foam-backed flooring, it absorbs any extra sound, perfectly complementing the often delicate movements of these styles of dance. Quietstep is highly rated for most dance forms with the exception of tap.
Woodstep Dance Floors: These give you the look of real wood without the high cost and maintenance. This heavy-duty vinyl flooring resists wear, but it is not suitable for tap, without Floorshield.

Timestep Dance Floors

The ultimate multi-purpose, portable or permanent dance flooring ideally suited for any movement activity. Wonderful tap dance flooring.

Bravo Dance Floors

Bravo Dance Floors

New and improved reversible, lightweight, portable marley dance floor. 

Ovation Dance Floor

Gloss with all that pizzazz!Great for Ballet, Hip-hop/Contemporary, Jazz, Theatrical Folk/Ethnic Character, Ballroom. Not recommended for Tap. Available in 5 colors

Pulse Dance Floor

Studio performance floor! The performance floor for ballet. Good for Hip-hop, Theatrical Folk. Not recommended for Tap.

Rave Dance Floor

Lightweight portable or permanent flooring with a fiberglass lining, slight foam backing and full spectrum color palette.

Dancestep Plus Dance Floor

Portable or permanent resilient flooring for studio, stage, and touring. Provides additional cushioned response for wood subflooring and reduces sound. Dancestep Plus can be used directly over a concrete surface without a floating or sprung subfloor.

Quietstep Dance Floor

The performance floor for ballet can also be used for contemporary and jazz. Foam backed to reduce the sound of the shoes. Quietstep needs to be installed over a floating wood subfloor.

Woodstep Dance Floors

Woodstep Plus and Woodstep Ultrawith duel density foam underlayment can be installed directly over concrete. This flooring has the same top surface as Woodstep.

Permanent Flooring Systems

Custom-made permanent flooring system that comes with a pre-fabricated floating subfloor for easy installation. Ideal for ballet, tap, jazz, modern, multi-purpose and theatre.


Revolutionary click-and-lock portable hardwood dance floor with an integrated sprung subfloor built-in and ideally suited for ballroom, tap and hip-hop.

Subfloor & Hardwood Solutions

Stagestep™ flooring solutions are designed for use with the Roll-out Collections and hardwood floors.  Springstep IV is Stagestep’s best-selling subfloor:  it is easy to install, portable when necessary, and is suitable for using directly beneath all vinyl rollout floors.  Stagestep’s SpringFlex is a proprietary system which can be used to support a hardwood floor or a floor deck of plywood. Encore is a complete hardwood floor system comprised of engineered wood, and underlayment including foam. Encore can be laid semi-permanently or used as a touring floor. Check out our flooring chart in the section What Floor is Right For You and check our dance floor buying guide today!