Studio rehearsals, privates, performances and competitions are just not enough. Some dancers need to go twenty-four-seven. Parents soon start hearing “I need to practice at home” and face the daunting question of what and how to provide their prodigy a safe place where they can work on their technique and repertory.


There is no one answer for all. Available space, budget and appropriate floor for home practice are the first questions that come up. But you should first ask, what does the dance student want to do at home? Perhaps they want to practice turning,  or work at barre exercises. Tappers may only want to practice specific steps.


In the above cases a practice board may be the answer. They are portable, no assembly required, have a built in floating sub-floor and they cost from $90.00 to $135.00 including shipping. There are boards for ballet, turning and tap. The turning board can also be used for contemporary and jazz. They are available online at the Stagestep store.


Other dancers want and or need a replica of a real dance studio floor. The floor surface can be matched to the dance style along with a floating wood subfloor. Expect to pay $8.00 per square foot plus shipping. Please call Stagestep for options or request a quote.


Interested in a real hardwood surface with a built-in floating subfloor that you just click and lock together without tools? Encore Home runs around $12.00 – $14.00 per square foot.


There are mats you just roll out in both wood and vinyl that run $2.50 – $7.50 a square foot.


There are many options, and it is probably best to talk it over within your family and then with a Stagestep consultant before deciding which way to go. The nice thing is that all these options are portable, transportable and are easy to put together and disassemble. No screws or hardware necessary.


Need a wall mounted ballet barre or portable mirror to finish off the home studio? Both are available at Stagestep.