You want a hardwood dance floor for your studio, but you don’t want it to be permanent-probably because you have a lease and may be moving one day. Enter Encore, a unique flooring solution from Stagestep™. Made with real hardwood (oak or maple) and a built-in floating subfloor, Encore™ is an excellent choice for dance studios and touring companies that want the beauty and wear characteristics of wood without the need to reinvest in new flooring in another location.

About Encore Flooring

Encore™ is custom made to your specifications in Stagestep’s Philadelphia facility and comes to you ready for installation (after 48 hours of acclimation). A factory finish is also included.

You can choose among three types:

  • Encore Oak™ – using oak wood, this revolutionary flooring system is transportable, easy to install, and ideal for many dance styles, including tap
  • Encore Elite™ – made from maple, for a harder, more durable surface
  • Encore Home™ – using the unique click-and-lock design, these floors are made for a home practice for various dance styles including modern, tap, and ballroom. Requires no hardware or tools to assemble.

Both Encore and Encore Elite are constructed with four layers: a cushion layer at the bottom, a support layer, plywood layer, and hardwood wear layer. Each section works together to create a durable and portable floor with a built-in floating subfloor.

What makes Encore the ideal flooring system for dance studios, touring, and home practice? Thanks to the patented 5th Generation click-and-lock system, Encore is a DIY stunning floor system with no exposed metal and the look and feel of a permanent hardwood floor without the expense of hiring a professional installer.

Encore also features an integrated sprung subfloor in every panel, eliminating the need for additional assembly. You can take your floor with you on tour or when you decide to move studio locations.

The Best Uses For Encore

Encore flooring has many uses. The built-in subfloor provides superb support for all kinds of dance, from modern to tap and beyond. Use it within a dance studio or in a multipurpose space. Due to the durable construction and hardwood surface, Encore has a long lifespan if proper maintenance is scheduled.

Does your studio conduct percussive dance or Irish step classes? When paired with Floorshield II ™ finish, your Encore floor is ready to produce quality sound and is further protected by the finish.

Those who are leasing a studio space will also love Encore flooring. Although this flooring looks permanent when installed, removing it is easy. You can save time and money, all because you are able to take your wood dance floor with you.

Installing And Maintaining Encore Flooring

Proper installation is key to keep your Encore flooring in great condition for many years to come. Once you have received your delivery, bring the flooring inside to where it will be installed. Let your floor acclimate for at least 48 hours prior to installation. Room temperature should be around 72 degrees and humidity at 50%. Installing the floor should be the last thing you do after all other trades have finished.

You don’t need hardware to install Encore flooring. All you need is a circular saw. In most cases, you must put a vapor barrier or Bone Dry Plus on concrete under your Encore panels. Refer to the Stagestep’s Installation Guide for more detailed instructions.

Maintaining Encore

Having installed your floor, the next thing you need to do is keep it well-maintained. Encore is highly durable, but it is a real wood floor, and it requires a consistent temperature and humidity to function optimally. Clean your Encore floor with Stagestep ProClean™ weekly. Wipeout Plus™ can clean up scuff and dye marks.

Like regular hardwood dance floors, Encore can be screened, sanded, and refinished. While resilient and long-lasting, you should have a maintenance program for your Encore flooring to ensure a consistent non-slip surface.

Should any panels in your Encore flooring be damaged, you don’t have to worry about replacing the entire floor. Disengage the click-and-lock system, remove the damaged panel, and replace it with a new one.


At last, quality hardwood floors that don’t require a professional install. Encore is the only portable wood floor of its kind. The unique system makes Encore a wonderful choice for studios with many class offerings or for multipurpose and fitness facilities in need of durable wood flooring with the option of transportability.

If you have questions about Encore and need help figuring out what kind of floor to get contact Stagestep and speak to a representative today. We’re more than happy to help you find the best products for your studio.

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