Looking for a subfloor that can handle high-impact activities and a high volume of dance classes? Stagestep has created a unique subfloor system that can be customized to suit your needs called Springstep IV Plus™. This floating wood subfloor can be configured in 5 ways to accommodate all kinds of dance styles, fitness classes, and more. Requiring no hardware to assemble, it can be a permanent or transportable floating wood subfloor you can install yourself.

What is Springstep IV Plus?

Springstep IV Plus™ was designed by Stagestep to be an easy-to-install floating wood subfloor for dance studios, homes, theaters, and fitness facilities. Since the subfloor can be transported, businesses that are leasing or renting can bring their Springstep IV Plus with them at the end of their lease and reinstall it in a new location.

Springstep IV Plus is a non-static subfloor, meaning that it will flex under impact and absorb energy. This gives the subfloor excellent spring and shock absorption; it’s ideal for high-impact workouts and all dance styles. Springstep IV Plus is made from hardwood chips embedded in moisture-resistant resin. Springstep IV Plus is not only more resilient but also thicker and 50% denser than traditional oriented strand board (OSB). No worry about rolling a piano on it.

There are several options for the kind of foam backing that comes with your Springstep IV Plus™ floor. The configuration you select depends on the kind of activities held in your studio.

What Are the Configurations of Springstep IV Plus?

Every configuration of Springstep IV Plus™ is constructed from prefabricated 2 foot by 2 foot customized oriented strand board panels. The elongated tongue-in-groove assembly makes this subfloor a snap to assemble. No hardware, sanding, screws, cables or special parts for corners. You will need a circular saw to cut about 10% of the panels to stagger the seams and fit your space. Have questions about installing Springstep IV Plus? You can read the online Stagestep Installation Guide for more information or call Stagestep.

There are five configurations for you to choose from Springstep IV™ Plus, A, B, C, and D.

Springstep IV™ is pre-assembled and comes with 3/4-inch foam forms and is the standard for multipurpose dance studios. Springstep IV Plus A has 1/2-inch-thick foam sheeting and is used primarily for ballroom and for situations where sound reduction is essential.

Do you offer classes requiring a more forgiving environment for high-impact activities? Check out Springstep IV Plus B or C. Both are made for classes like Zumba, Cheer, and Hip Hop. B and C configurations come with 2-inch-thick foam cubes and provide more resilience. This configuration is also recommended for dancers that need extra support and additional shock absorption. Springstep IV Plus D was designed for black-box theaters that accommodate the heavy static weight of an audience and still maintain a floating subfloor environment without compromising its structural integrity.

Deciding Which subfloor is Right for You

  • Consider the styles of dance and other activities going on in the studio.
  • Is your dance studio multipurpose? Go with Springstep IV Plus. It provides great shock absorbency, sound for tap and resilience for jumping.
  • Do you have acrobatics and cheer classes? Choose B or C.
  • Do you have a black box theater Choose D.

Also, you can reach out to a friendly Stagestep representative at any time. We’re here to help.

Differences Between Springstep IV Plus and Other Springstep Products

When you are searching to buy a floating wood subfloor for your studio, it’s smart to compare different kinds before making your decision. Stagestep has several subflooring systems that could work for you. Here is a brief look at those subflooring options and how they compare to Springstep IV Plus and its five configurations:

  • Springstep II™ – Comes with DIY foam blocks or cubes. The customer must supply the two layers of ½” underlayment plywood and deck screws. You can build your own subfloor for your studio and save money, but it is labor-intensive. Unlike Springstep IV Plus, which is transportable, Springstep II is permanent.
  • Springstep III™ – Made with half-inch foam roll-out sheeting that goes on top of the slab the subfloor reduces sound. The customer is required to provide two layers of ½ inch underlayment plywood and deck screws. Very shock absorbent but reduced resilience. Ideal for the ballroom. A DIY project that will save money but is not transportable.
  • Springstep V™ – This subfloor is ideal for touring companies and dance conventions. Made from heavy-duty birch ply, this transportable option provides unsurpassed resilience and energy absorption. No hardware is required for setup but requires truck transport. Available with storage/transport racks.


What is Springstep IV Plus™? It’s a durable and portable floating wood subfloor that is perfect for dance and fitness studios. Springstep IV Plus installs with a tongue and groove connection and doesn’t require any hardware. Panels weigh 9.4 pounds and come in 2’ x 2’ sizing making them easy to carry. If you are looking for a cost-effective floating wood subfloor that will last, Springstep IV Plus is the solution. Call us to discuss 1.800.523.0960 or fill out our contact form to learn more about Springstep IV Plus and its configurations.

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