There are two ways to go…


Most studios install mirrors opposite their ballet barres so dancers can admire or critique their dancing or body parts. Some find it a distraction, others, a learning tool. In any event, a large percentage of studios have mirrors. For a long time, you had one choice, plate glass. Mirrors come in a variety of qualities and finishes (beveled edge or straight). The key to quality is degree of non-distortion. A fun house mirror does not work in a dance studio.


Mirrors come in various heights, usually between six and eight feet depending on the height of the ceiling and the size of the room. Normal installation is a foot off the ground. Because of their weight, mirrors have to be framed or anchored into the wall. The method of installation is determined by the wall material. Generally, this means mirrors should be installed by professionals to guarantee a safe and secure fit. Plate glass is not covered in most insurance policies for liability or replacement. It is probably necessary to amend your policy to secure coverage.


If you are on a lease you may be forced to remove the mirrors and repair the wall when you leave. Prior to purchase make sure you sign off on what you are getting, a non-distortion mirror, properly installed.


However, there is another way to go. They are called “glassless” mirrors. Designed for outer space by NASA, these mirrors are lightweight, do not shatter and are made of highly reflective non-distortion Mylar material that do not fog up. Since they are lightweight, you can install them yourself as if you were hanging a picture. Since they are not made of glass no additional insurance coverage is needed. Removal is also easy, leaving no damage to your walls.



These glassless mirrors come ready for mounting on walls or you can get them on wheels for easy mobility. They do not shatter upon impact but deflate and would need to be repaired. On the plus side, no shattered glass or injury.

These mirrors consist of special Mylar material with crystal clear reflectivity. They are attached to an aluminum frame after which, the material, is vacuum sealed. The mirrors come 4’ x ‘6, 4’ x 8’, 6’ x 4’ and 8’ x 4’ (vertical or horizontal).


They are one inch thick and super lightweight. The one drawback is they cannot be cut to size nor can you cut out an area for a slight switch. They are cost competitive when compared to top of the line plate glass mirrors and since you do not need professional installation, they save you money on labor too!


Lightweight, easy to install and remove, as well as safe, glassless mirrors provide quality reflectivity that could be the right choice for your studio.


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