Why Replace? Renovate!

Instead of trashing your old floor, now you can add years to its life. Save time & money with FloorShield products to help keep your floors looking greater longer.

FloorShield Maintenance Systems

  • Floor renovation without replacing your floor
  • A floor finish that can change the color, design, and look of your existing floor
  • A floor finish that gives you the option of a matte, satin, or high gloss look
  • A floor finish that lasts up to two years and requires no waxing, buffing, or burnishing
  • A floor finish that requires no tools beyond the applicator we provide
  • A floor finish that is environmentally friendly
  • A floor finish that cuts maintenance in half, and keep delivering a non-slip coefficient of friction for every type of dance
  • A floor finish that reduces the tap residue problem*

The FloorShield line of finishes delivers all the above, guaranteed, or your money back.

Formerly the Slip NoMor Maintenance System

FloorShield Finish:*

eco-friendly-logoSave time and money with our durable, eco-friendly, matte surface finish with a high level of slip resistance suitable for studios and all performance surfaces. With the FloorShield Maintenance System, only two coats are required. No more burnishing, buffing, or periodic stripping.

FloorShield Cleaner

Caution: Sensitive to Cold Weather

All FloorShield products are sensitive to cold. Store at room temperature to prevent failure.

Save Time & Money*

Invest in the proper finish and maintenance program.

FloorShield Finish and FloorShield Color are for use on and designed for Dance, Theater, and Performance Floors Only-Not for use on other Residential or Commercial Floors.

* In extreme wear situations, it is recommended to re-apply every year.
**Appropriate quantities and materials are shipped based on size.