The internet is full of advice for studio owners, some of it is good, some of it has the potential to kill you. One of those very bad ideas is to use shower pan liner as a dance floor.It looks like a dance floor and in some cases it is labelled PVC, which is the basic material used in real dance floors.It costs way less and seems like a cost saving alternative.It is not.In fact, all shower pan liner is made from Chlorinated Polyethylene. It can expose you to DEHP, DINP, Antimony Trioxide and Vinyl Chloride. The state of California has stated these chemicals can cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and cancer.


The following is from the manufacturers of shower pan liner.


The product maintains its integrity when installed in a damp, moist environment (the typical shower pan) away from the effects of sunlight and ozone.  Under no circumstances should Vinyl Shower Pan Liner be used where there is direct exposure to the elements.


Proper hand protection, such as disposal latex or nitrile gloves, and googles to protect your eyes must be worn when installing this product.


Shower pan liner is perfectly safe when used for its intent; in a shower pan covered with tile. It is not a dance floor.  It comes with no guarantee from the manufacturer and in fact when called they said it is definitely not recommended as a floor surface.


You, your students and teachers are at risk when using this product as a dance floor.  Misusing shower pan liner makes you liable for damages.  It simply is not worth the long term health risks.  If you have it, get rid of it immediately. If you are thinking about getting it, you have been warned.


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