Dancestep Plus

A new rollout dance floor for installation directly over a concrete or hard flooring surface. No floating wood subfloor required. Dancestep Plus features a dual density foam backed layer that provides superior energy absorption, and material foot support. Energy absorption or force reduction is an important factor in protecting the body and lessening the risk of stress fractures and joint stress. This is as good as it gets. Dancestep Plus comes in solid black or grey, in rolls of 6.5 feet wide by whatever length you need to the nearest foot (up to 65 feet). Its non-slip surface is ideally suitable for ballet, modern jazz and lyrical. It is not suitable for percussion dance because it is sound absorbent. It can be installed temporarily, semi-permanently or permanently.

Encore Home


A real hard-wood dance flooring system with an integrated floating subfloor. Suitable for all styles of dance, and aerobic exercise. Encore Home can be easily assembled, disassembled and stored when not in use. Encore Home is available in Oak or Maple, and comes in three different standard sizes:

  • 7 1/4′ x 4 1/4′
  • 7 1/4′ x 8 1/2′
  • 7 1/4′ x 12 3/4’

Customized sizes are also available. Encore Home comes pre-finished and requires no tools or hardware to assemble. Simply click and lock the panels, and you are ready to dance. All you need is a firm level surface.

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