One of the final decisions of buying a dance floor system is what color to choose for your floor surface. As it turns out, color is important for both stage and studio. There was a reason when the first reversible marley dance floor came out that it was black on one side and grey on the other.

Black is the traditional color for the stage, however, choreographers and lighting designers have used gray, white and even blue. Theatrical floor colors can reflect location, mood, with a range of color, textures and reflectivity. Still, most dance floors are black and most dance studios are grey. There are reasons. A matte finish black floor on stage absorbs light. Lighting designers can light the stage without the concern of light bouncing off the stage, reflecting off the body or “ghosting” blackouts. Black is the palette for the designer to better define their use of light. There is a downside for dancers. The black floor extends into a darkened house and the horizon is blurred or obscured. This can impact balance and spatial relationships, Glo-tape, spotting lights and additional defined clues can offset this concern. Black also absorbs light and heat. Floors get a bit softer and a bit more “sticky” or if you prefer non-slip.
In a studio, black will make the space look smaller and warmer as compared to grey which does the opposite.

Solid color floors, no matter what color, will show scuff, dye marks and dirt more than the marbleized or random pattern floors. It is the singular reason why marbleized grey floors are more popular than all of the floor colors combined for studio installation.

It may be important to color coordinate with your wall décor or seek out a neutral tan to complete your studio look. Not a problem.

Many think black looks professional and they want that look. Most studio owners have to give the color choice a thought. The tech crew knows from black or grey. Color does impact the look, maintenance concerns and in some cases performance.

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