You have lists and schedule for just about all the multitasking activities in which you are engaged. Do you have a schedule and budget for taking care of your dance floor?


You can dance without ballet barres, mirrors or music but without the dance floor, you and your students are in a tough place. 


Floors should never be an afterthought. Be it Marley or hardwood dance floor, a small investment in time and resources reap many benefits including extending the life of one of your biggest investments and providing a safe environment for your students and teachers. 


A regularly scheduled maintenance program is easy to set up and follow.  Every facility and school is different and needs a program designed specifically for them. 


In general, you need to plan for a daily, weekly, monthly and semi-annual regime.


Daily – Dry or wet mop, vacuum and spot clean to deal with slippery spots. 

Weekly – Wet mop with detergent/degreaser or use a wet shop vacuum, clean up scuff and dye marks.

Monthly – For heavy use floors, deep cleaning with a floor machine and a green or red pad

Semi-annually – heavy duty detergent/degreaser with floor machine, disinfectant application, change top tape and remove adhesive residue. 


How much maintenance you do and when you do it depends on the type of floor you have, how it is used and how often it is used. 


Some studios hire outside companies to do it all. Most do it themselves or hire outside help for the heavy duty jobs.  The important thing is to have a plan and to use maintenance products designed for your floor and for what you do on it. 


Any questions, or if you wish a free consultation on setting up a maintenance program, please call Stagestep on 800-523-0960 ext. 105 or 117.


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