Vinyl and cloth top tape have been used for the temporary installation of marley floor for decades. It is fast, effective, inexpensive and it works….except for the sticky adhesive residue that remains after you pull up the tape to move the floor or re-tape the seams.

Do nothing but re-tape the seams and you are asking for trouble. Excess tape residue on the floor attracts dirt and dust gathering filth at the floor seams. Walk on it and you track the mess. Residue does not adhere well to the adhesive of fresh tape resulting in a shorter and less effective tape life on the floor. Normally, expect to change the tape every four months. The excess residue will ooze out from beneath the tape creating a barrier for dancers to move smoothly over the seams resulting in their foot sticking into the floor and the dancer falling forward.

In a word, the adhesive residue is bad for the floor and the dancer. It needs to be cleaned up. Water is not the answer. A detergent with water will not work. Steel wool will scratch the floor and leave a mess. The residue will not dissolve or be scrubbed away by such efforts. You need a special solvent that will remove the residue and not destroy the floor. Wipeout Plus from Stagestep does the job. Spray on the seams, wait a few seconds and wipe with a wet rag. When dry, apply the new tape. The new tape will last longer and, most importantly, there will be fewer injuries and less worry. Store bought solvents tend to soften and dissolve marley floors. Always test a product before using. Additional dance floor maintenance products can be found at