If you are responsible for the upkeep of a dance, theatrical, performing arts, sports or aerobic flooring surface, you will need to develop a floor maintenance program. It will save you time, money and extend the life of your floor. In addition, a good maintenance program will help sustain a consistently safe surface.

Every floor made by every manufacturer needs a maintenance plan appropriate for the floor, its use(s) and the conditions and circumstances under which it was installed.

The problem is figuring out what maintenance program is right for you and your floor. For every flooring system, there are a number of factors that impact cleaning frequency, equipment and supplies needed.

Maintenance is a four-part process:

  1. Keeping the floor clean from dust, scuff and dye marks, foreign substances and perspiration.
  2. Protecting the surface from wear and tear
  3. Appearance to keep a lasting impression of quality
  4. Safety to prevent injuries

Temperature, humidity, static electricity and the presence of foreign substances are factors that will affect time and cost spent on this never-ending job.

You can easily miscalculate the amount of time and expense needed for floor maintenance unless you prioritize:

First, determine which maintenance factors are most important. Appearance, cleanliness, non-slip consistency, safety, longevity, and sanitation each requires a different approach and commitment. After you evaluate your maintenance parameters, you can then determine what maintenance protocols to institute. For starters, we recommend you dry mop your floor daily to help keep the floor clean.

Second, decide if you are going to maintain the floor yourself or hire professionals. Even if you decide to do it yourself, get a quote from a professional. It will give you a better idea of process, time and cost. You may reconsider doing it yourself. However, keep in mind that it’s important to tell the professionals exactly what you need for your floor. By and large, appearance is their main objective. They are apt to leave you with a bright, shiny and very slippery floor, unless you are there to tell them exactly what you want.

We are happy to answer your questions and welcome your insights and experiences. Send your comments or questions to [email protected] or call 800-523-0960 to speak with a Stagestep representative. Together, we can come up with a plan that works for you.

Randy Swartz

Stagestep, Inc.