Educational institutions have priorities that may be a little different from commercial facilities and touring productions, especially when it comes to their needs when selecting a dance flooring or installing a dance floor system.


Schools may need a floor surface for a stage or studio space that can be either permanent or portable.


Use of space can be transitory; one semester in location A, next semester in location B.


In addition, there are issues of storage and maintenance, especially if the space or flooring is being used by different departments.



With so many possible uses there are also many possible options, and variations of those options, that should be considered. So, where to begin?


First, define who is using the dance floor (or dance floor system). Second, where is it being used, how often, to what purpose or type of activity will be on it and who is responsible for its maintenance and storage. In most educational institutions flexibility is the key.  Nothing is forever and things move around and priorities of programs are forever changing. This is an important consideration when selecting the flooring system that will work for you today and tomorrow.


There are many options for floor surfaces and for subfloors that have both the ability to be moved from place to place or sit for a period of time and then be re-installed someplace else. The “right” dancefloor system, in part, is determined by what is going to happen on it (multi use, drama, receptions, performances) where it will be used (outdoor, studio, temporary setup) and budget and storage considerations.


Before anything else, answer those questions about location, use and portability and you will begin to focus on your needs. A key aspect to the flooring system is how and what materials are used to put it together. Floor surfaces can be either PVC (marley) or Wood (usually Oak or Maple). Budget, portability and esthetics are part of considering which direction to go. There is no right or wrong choice, just the system that works. Adhesive for permanent and a variety of double faced and/or top tape options for semi-permanent installs are common options.


ReUseIt is an exclusive Stagestep product that allows for extended installations that look and feel like a glue down, however the dance floor can be peeled up like a post-it note with no adhesive residue left on the back of the floor or the subfloor. Both the floor and the subfloor (Springstep IV) can be moved and reinstalled.


There are a lot of moving parts but if you are focused on use, location and needs your dance floor consultant can identify the product mix just right for you and your institution. Stagestep will be happy to provide a no obligation quote for your consideration, along with helping you determine which way to go.