Three Floor Maintenance Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

With all the traffic and classes going on, it’s a wonder that dance floors maintenance isn’t a full-time job.  In some cases, it is!  Who needs parents seeing a dirty floor which translates into unhealthy for my child.  In spite of a great effort of time and materials, it is hard to keep up. Here are tips to make studio maintenance bit easier, help to keep floors lasting longer and does not require a lot of work.

  1. Professional or industrial entrance mats can trap up to 80% of dirs., grime and particulate matter from ever getting on your studio floors. Abrasive materials can scratch your floors and can contribute to wearing out shoes. It is way easier to brush out an entrance mat or two.
  1. Dry mop your studio floor prior to classes. Overnight, dust and moisture has settled in your floor even if you can’t see it.  A quick dry mop can pick up most of the residue preventing it from being ground into the floor.
  1. Where have those shoes been? At home, in the car, on the driveway collecting all kinds of junk to be deposited on your floor the minute they start dancing.  A “shoes on only in the studio” policy can help along with everyone having a shoe rag to wipe the bottoms of those shoes prior to class.

Extra Tip:

Do not clean your floor with only water.  Why not?

While dirt, debris and scuff marks are always going to be found on a dance floor, the number one culprit is oil, primarily from perspiration and body lotion residue. Water does not dissolve oil.  So when you clean with only water you may pick up dirt but you are also spreading the oil all over the floor.

Over time the oil makes the floor slippery.  You can usually tell if you have an oil build-up if the floor has a satin, hazy sheen to it.  The problem is easily solved by using a detergent de-greaser.  You will not find it in supermarkets but in hardware stores or janitorial supply outlets.  Use warm water mixed with as per directions with the de-greaser and the oil will come up.  Pro-Clean, a detergent de-greaser, is available from Stagestep.