Sticky residue on your dance floor is dangerous and unhealthy. It causes almost as many
injuries as slippery floors. It is also a magnet for dirt and dust, which in turn is a breeding
ground for Covid19 virus and bacteria.


Most sticky residue comes from removing top seam tape. It can also come from spilled sugar
drinks, food, cosmetics, and lotions. Adhesive residue, if not properly removed greatly reduces
the effectiveness of replacement tape and makes dancing a real problem.


Soap, detergent or just plain water and elbow grease does little to remove this type of residue.
You need a “safe” solvent that does not damage your dance floor. Stagestep pioneered a
product that removes sticky residue and also removes dye and scuff marks. WIPEOUT PLUS is
a fast acting spray. Apply, wait 30 seconds and then wipe with a damp cloth. The sooner you
address these problems the easier and faster it is to remove the “sticky” and the marks. It is a
good idea to clean your entire floor following the spot removal with a detergent degreaser such


Be aware that some solvents will attack the vinyl and soften the floor to the point of damage.
Always test any new product on a small area of your floor before doing the entire job.
All Stagestep maintenance products offer free shipping (continental USA only).