Micron Wipes Pack of 10


Micron Wipes – New Technology 10 times thinner than Microfiber Cloth 

Stagestep’s Micron Wipe picks up aluminum compound residue deposited by most tap shoes. The thinner Micron microfilament traps more dirt, dust, liquid, and bacteria than conventional microfiber. These wipes use materials the thickness of a human heair and are extremely effective both as a cleaning wipe and with a disinfectant.

• 5-10 times thinner than microfiber

• Lint-free and non-woven, no fraying

• Absorbs 5 times its weight in liquids

• Washable & reusable

• Fast drying

(15 3/4” x 15 3/4” ea)

Pack of 10 Wipes $25

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