There was once a company called Marley. They were located in England and made a number of vinyl products like roofing and siding. None were flooring and their product line had nothing to do with dance or the theater. However, the daughter of one of the principals was a dancer and so it came to pass that they created a floor called “Stageflor”. Today, we call all roll out dance floors “marley”, after the company. Sadly the company does not exist anymore.

So why is the floor reversible? Traditional marley floors are in fact two floors laminated together so that, in effect, you have a two sided floor. Sounds ingenious, but I suspect the real reason had to do with the equipment they used to make it. They could only get half the thickness needed to create a viable floor so they put two floors together, a process called lamination, applying pressure and heat to fuse the two elements. Since reversible floors are all wear surface, they are very cost effective as all you have to do is flip the floor over and you have a whole new floor.

Stagestep offers three different marley floors in three thicknesses. BRAVO CLASSIC at 1.5mm is very light weight, inexpensive and makes for a great touring floor or secondary studio floor. SUPER BRAVO at 1.7mm is both a studio and touring floor. SUPER BRAVO PRO at 2.0mm is the heavy duty marley for studio installation. It is the only reversible marley you can tap on.

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