Petite planche de claquettes 4ft x 2ft pour leçons de claquettes


Multipurpose Wooden Board for Tap Dancing Lessons, Portable Tap Floor

Great sound at home with an improved look and finish with a 5/8″ thick Wood/Timestep laminated tap surface and 3/4″ high-density foam shock layer. It can fit in a closet, under a bed, and in the trunk of your car for travel. It is lightweight and great over virtually any floor surface. Measurements are nominal.

4ft x 2ft (1.23 lm x .61 lm) 24 lbs. (11kgs)

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Caractéristiques du produit :

  • 5/8″ thick wood/timestep laminated tap surface. It provides exceptional sound, is solid underfoot and is the perfect size of tap board to practice variations at home.
  • 3/4″ high-density foam shock layer. Helps to protect knees by absorbing shock.
  • A portable product computer manufactured with beveled edges and a built-in handle for ease-of-use and transportation.
  • Adjustable for low pile or commercial grade carpet or any hard surface. Warm yourself up safely before hitting the stage at dance competitions, tap festivals etc.
  • Ideal tap board for all ages, levels, & tapping styles. Stagestep tap board is the musical instrument for Tap Dancers with brilliant sound.