Kit de nettoyage des pistes de danse standard avec ProClean NS


STANDARD KIT with ProClean NS $125

Original Price $155 – Save $30!

Includes all items you need to keep your floor clean and long-lasting.


ProClean NS (1 gallon) $50.00

Super-concentrated industrial-strength floor detergent/degreaser with slip-resistance that will not harm your floor or floor finish.


2 Wipeout Plus Bottles $50.00

Removes dye and scuff marks. Its formula penetrates, loosens, breaks down and dissolves many unwanted stains from all vinyl and non-porous surfaces.


SimplyGone (1 gallon) $65.00

Élimine en toute sécurité les taches suivantes : aliments, boissons, graisse, huile, la plupart des cirages à chaussures, la saleté épaisse et les traces de frottement.


NOTIFICATION D'HIVER Bordereau NoMorTMProCleanTM NS et SimplyGoneTM products shipping between December 15th to March 15th, or whenever freezing weather is forecast, require a $5 surcharge for an added heat pack. Plus third day shipping cost if necessary.


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