ProClean Ultra Floor Cleaner

$50.00 - $160.00

ProClean Ultra™ Industrial-Strength Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner And Wax Remover, For All Non-Porous Floors, Hardwood and Marley Floor Detergent

Stagestep’s industrial strength floor cleaner. ProClean Ultra is a deep-cleaning, rejuvenating cleaner and should be used two – three times per year. Ideal to use with a floor machine with a green pad at low RPM.

When your regular cleaning regime is not up to the job, it’s time for ProClean Ultra. For use in studios, schools, and homes. Suitable for cleaning non-porous, hard, washable (water resistant) floors. when you use a cleaner that leaves any kind of residue, you inevitably change the coefficient of friction. If there is a thing you want in a dance floor surface, it is consistency. ProClean Ultra will help you to keep your floor clean with a consistent speed. Available in two options:

  • ProClean ULTRA 1 Gallon – $50.00
  • ProClean ULTRA Case of 4 – $160.00

Liquid Concentrate.

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ProClean Ultra Floor Cleaner

Caractéristiques du produit :

  • If your floor is very dirty, this is the product for you
  • Heavy-duty, deep cleaning, solution removes wax, polymer and acrylic finishes
  • Concentrated: Mix 2 ounces per gallon of water
  • Specially formulated for deep cleaning all non-porous flooring
  • ProClean Ultra is great for home, schools and studios
  • Ideal to use with a floor machine with a green pad at low RPM
  • Deep and long lasting clean

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